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 Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !)

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Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) Empty
PostSubject: Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !)   Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 1:55 pm

Ultimate Skill Guide


If you wanna get 99 in any of the combat skills you will need ARMOR / WEPONS & FOOD
Do ::crabs and wield ur Bronze Scimitar & Bronze Kiteshield.
First of all you will have to Choose if you wanna be a PURE / ZERKER or no one of em.

If you wanna be PURE train Strength to lvl 40.
If you wanna be Zerker train Strength to lvl 40-60

After that u can train Attack / Defence / Strength to lvl 75 and after that MAX em to lvl 99.
(Or try to get 200m Xp)

When you got 99 In ''2 of the COMBAT skills'' you should probably also get 99 Hitpoints.


Kk if you wanna get 99 Magic or 94 magic for ''VEGANCE'' or ''IceBarrage'' you should walk WEST and you should see a room with Vannaka / Aubury & Brian
Trade aubury and buy some Bloods & other runes.
If you wanna AUTOCAST then go EAST and trade ZAFF.
Buy Wizard Outfit & fire staff.

When u got the Runes,Outfit & Fire Staff press the TWO SWORDS under the map.Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) Egvc6t

Use the spells to attack the npc's until u reached the level you want.

Level For Spells:

Wind Strike:1
Water Strike:5
Earth Strike:9
Fire Strike:13
Wind Bolt:17
Water Bolt:23
Earth Bolt:29
Fire Bolt:35
Wind Blast:41
Water Blast:47
Earth Blast:53
Fire Blast:59
Wind Wave:62
Water Wave:62
Earth Wave:70
Fire Wave:75


Wanna get 99 Range ?

Then please do ::crabs and try to get the Current Level you want.
Do ::arrows for ARROWSE & 1 c'bow & 3 bows.

Okay First Of All Do ::home & Enter The Room Closest To You.

Theiv The Stalls Till Ur Level 99.

Level For Stalls:

1-25: Bakery Stall / 250K ea
25-50:Clothes Stall / 450K ea
50-80:Silver Stall / 600K ea
80-99:Gem Stall / 800K ea

Stall Pics:Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) Vsctop
Skillcape Pics: Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) K4jtr4

P.S you might get STUCK theiving Bakery Stall But then just do ::home & continue theiv.


Anyway First Of All U Need To Do ::fletch And Be In A Safe Area.
You Should Get This In Your Invo: Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) Xonuyu

Use The Knife On The Logs To Get Level Up.

Levels For Current Logs

1-15 Normals
15-30 Oaks
30-45 Willows
45-60 Maples
60-76 Yews
80-99 Magics

10-25 Normals
25-40 Oaks
40-55 Willows
55-70 Maples
70-85 Yews
85-99 Magics

Skillcape & Hood : Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) 72audt

Kk to get 85-99 in this Skill you need a HIGH LEVEL or GOOD HITS.
And ofcurse lots of food xD
When u got HIGH LEVEL,GOOD HITS & lots of food then do ::home and walk WEST.
You should see Vannaka behind the ALTAR.
Talk to him and you will get 3 options
1.I need a slayer task.
2.I wanna see ur equpiment.
3.It was nothing.
Press on the ''I need a slayer task.'' or number 1
He should give you a slayer task wíth levels 3-124.
Kill the current NPC he gave you til you see a text in the text bar.
It should say
You have completed your slayer task,please return to your slayer master.
Keep doing that until you got the level you need.


Okay now for this one you need like 100-200m.
If you wanna train prayer then you have to do ::home.
When you done it then enter the room nearest you.
It should have 4 stalls and 3 selling guys.
Trade GILES and buy DRAGON BONES from him.
Buy like 100-1000 and put em in bank.
When u got 100-1000 of em in ur bank take 28 bones in ur invo and go WEST of home.
You should see an ALTAR there.
Use your bones on the altar to get XP when you used all ur bones you should have 85-99 prayer.
Now keep buying bones,bank em & use em on altar to get 99 Prayer.

Yeah now we're back to crafting Wink
If you wanna get 99 crafting you will need CASH.
When u have like 100-200m cash do ::home.
Walk WEST until you see Rommik and a SPINNING WHEEL.
Trade Rommik and he should sell you CRAFTING ITEMS.
Buy a FLAX & use bank like 1000-5000 of em.
Spin em on the SPINNING WHEEL until you level 99.
(This will take very long time)


Kk if u train Woodcutting you should press mage book then ''Home Teleport''
Walk NORTH-WEST and you should see 3 guys and a door to a room.
Talk to the guy called Herquin.
Buy an AXE off him and then do ::cath
Walk EAST and wc the trees for following levels.(not all are in ::Cath)

1-15 Tree at ::Cath
15-30 Tree at ::Cath
30-45 Willow at Draynor (No teleports there) U CAN SKIP THIS PART & DO 15-45
45-60 Maple behind Camelot Bank
60-76 Yews at Edgeville (Do PK teleport then EDGE)
76-99 Magicks Behind Range Guild (Do ::cath then walk way til u see big house with trees around it)


Well now we're back to cooking Razz
If you wanna train cooking then u need the following item: CASH
10m-20m should be enough to get 99 cooking.(u can have more)
When u got CASH do ::home and walk NORTH and trade RANAEL
Buy Fishes & use em on FIREPLACE.
Levels for special fishes:

1-15 Shrimps
15-20 Achovies
20-25 or 30 Sardine
30-40 Trout,Salamon & Herring
40-50 Tuna
50-55 Lobster
55-62 Swordfish
62-76 Monkfishes
76-80+ Manta ray & Sea Turtle



Kk if u wanna train FISHING do ::cath and take 1.000 gp with you.
Walk WEST and you should come to a fishing area,bank & a guy called FISHERMAN and buy everything he sells.
Bank it all ex SMALL FISHING NET.
Press ''net fishing spot'' closest to you and you should fish shrimps.

Levels for fishes availble atm:

1-35 Shrimps
35-40 Tuna
40-62 or 40-99 Lobster
62-99 Monkfish (Not sure if availble)


Copyrighted in 1 month.


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Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !)   Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 6:40 pm

magic short takes 80 fletching
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I Serked 0ff

I Serked 0ff

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Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !)   Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) EmptyThu Oct 21, 2010 8:46 pm

nice guide
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Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !)   Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) EmptyFri Oct 22, 2010 12:53 am

Thanks guys.
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Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !)   Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !) Empty

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Ultimate Skill Guide (DONT COPY !)
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